New violin-piano Duo

It was in the midst of the lockdown caused by the global pandemic that German violinist Oscar Bohórquez was introduced to Brazilian pianist Fabio Martino in Karlsruhe/Germany.

In response to worldwide concert cancellations Fabio Martino started his livestream concert series ‘Fabio Martino@HOME’ where they played two contrasting programmes in June 2020. They both feel equally at home with Classical European as well as Latin American repertoire which reflects their backgrounds on both continents.

They already built international solo careers respectively playing in prestigious venues with major orchestras throughout the world.

They have recently published their latest Solo Albums of Bach Sonatas (Bohórquez), and  ‘Latin Soul’ (Martino), available on Spotify and iTunes.

Beethoven Adagio-Spring Sonata from Oscar Bohorquez on Vimeo.