Concert with the Gustavo Beytelmann Quintet at the Tango Festival in Gennevilliers just north of Paris with Louise Jallu on the bandoneon, Leonardo Teruggi on doublebass, Philippe Macé on vibraphone, and Damien Ventula as a guest for the Sextet piece ‘Together’ on the cello.

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Oscar Bohórquez has recently received a 1729 Guarneri del Gesù violin on loan. Oscar already played on live radio in Paris and plans his upcoming recordings of all Paganini Caprices on this 1729 Guarneri del Gesù.

oscar and 1729 guarneri
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Oscar & Claudio Bohórquez celebrate with Gustavo Beytelmann the release of their Piazzolla Album on Berlin Classics.

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In the Fall of 2020 the violinists Oscar Bohórquez and Ramiro Gallo joined forces to compose together a piece for two violins as part of the Virtual Partnership Residency created and promoted by the Goethe Institut.

Special thanks to the Goethe Institut for their support! The following video illustrates the process of this collaboration as well as an extract of our new composition:

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Oscar Bohórquez, violin, joins forces with his brother Claudio Bohórquez, cello, and Gustavo Beytelmann, piano, to form the Patagonia Express Trio. Beytelmann has personally toured with Astor Piazzolla in the late 70’s and pays tribute to Piazzolla’s centenary in 2021 with the new Berlin Classics CD Launch January 29, of 2021.
Here is a video preview:

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SWR2: Konzerthäuser, Opernstudios und die großen Festivals haben es während der Corona-Krise schwer – aber am schwersten trifft es freie Musiker*innen. Deshalb haben wir über 40 freie Musiker*innen und Ensembles aus Klassik und Jazz eingeladen, einen Tag lang für eine Aufnahme zu uns in die Tonstudios zu kommen: für einen Podcast mit seltenem, bisher unbekanntem Repertoire, mit Herzensstücken und mit Gesprächen.

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Oscar Bohórquez plays J.S.Bach

Oscar Bohórquez recorded the Bach Solo Sonatas for violin which are now available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and

At the end of the afternoon, under the vaults of St. Michael’s Church, Oscar Bohórquez (photo) decided to honor Bach by giving his three Sonatas for solo violin. On this occasion, the former student of Aaron Rosand sees his performance rewarded with a standing ovation, a premiere, we were told, for this edition of the festival. The musician’s great technique accomplished with virtuosity and sensitivity the multiple challenges offered by the Cantor. A dense, spiritual and luminous moment.
(5.08.2019, Festival International de Musique de Chambre Salon de Provence)
Michel Egéa,

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Oscar Bohórquez is a proud Ambassador of the Meludia eartraining programme which consists of a series of exercises presented in a fun and entertaining way as playful games, order and yet focuses effectively on sharpening listening skills for all levels starting from the basic level for beginners, intermediate for amateurs, and for students and  professionals in the advanced and expert level.

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Oscar Bohorquez plays Brahms concerto in Yucatán/Mexico

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